Donna Divina

The Initiation

Go through the 7 gates to your deepest potential

The Initiation - the Retreat for Women

The dance of change begins in you. In this week of silent retreat you connect with your true feminine essence to live a fulfilled and happy life. You connect with your true beauty and discover the woman who is really inside you.

"In the deepest and most veiled place of every woman there is amazing, breathtaking beauty, eagerly waiting to find expression."

Ariane Schürmann

Many women are completely cut off from their femininity, live in mostly masculine energies in their female bodies, without ever reaching fulfillment. Some are queens fallen from the throne, others are frozen warriors.

Walk through the 7 Gates of the Donna Divina Initiation

Experience a week of transformation in the women's circle

Instead of doubt, uncertainty and fear you will find HER. The queen climbs onto her throne again and the warrioress shines in peace. You live as The Woman Who You Really Are and Who You Have Been Waiting For A Long Time


A very special initiation. Created by women, carried by women, made for women and experienced with women. You will rediscover “your woman” and liberate your innate potential.


The Donna Divina is designed like an initiation, which you never received from your mother and grandmother, because they did not know this powerful ritual either, but the time is now.


Bring everything you feel, that holds you back, that makes you sad and angry. Modern and ancient methods come together with female alchemy. It’s an initiation that you will remember forever.

The Initiation Retreat


Freedom, Love, Female Awakening, Self-realization

24. - 30. October 2019 in Rahden - Germany

Places available!

The Initiation Retreat

What is the Donna Divina Retreat about?

Traditional life and conventional sexuality act against the female principle, that’s why in every woman subliminal fears and manifold negative experiences are constantly being generated, which we carry around with us since our childhood in our “baggage”.

As a woman we are in a “collective” inner prison of the past, whether we are aware of it or not. This oppression of femininity has limited us for millennia through society, rules and religion.

The “suffering” comes about as a result of the painful separation from HER, the femininity that every woman, consciously or unconsciously, constantly maintains.

In this intense retreat we break all seals at the door to primeval femininity and save you years of painful searching for yourself. The Donna Divina Retreat reconnects women with their innate feminine qualities.

It is a combination of holistic techniques and exercises and incorporates the knowledge and practices of spiritual masters from around the world, elegantly combined to allow a profound experience of immediate female awakening. After these days of our journey together, you will have completely regenerated yourself and be ready to live your life full of respect for yourself and your needs as a woman. In the Donna Divina Retreat you will find what you thought you had lost, the woman you really are, in all her glory, beauty, presence and grace.

With Donna Divina you return to the healthy center of the female being. You will be able to express your innate potential in complete freedom. Donna Divina is a combination of ancient and modern knowledge.


The Initiation Retreat

applied feminine alchemy

Freedom, Love, Female Awakening, Self-realization

24. - 30. October 2019 in Rahden - Germany

Places still available!

Time is now, Female Freedom and Fulfillment Are here For You

In the full awareness that a happy woman’s life is priceless and you feel Her call and, full of self-love, you are ready to invest in yourself because you are precious and deserve to shine in your whole and complete feminine power, we have kept the price low compared to the value of initiation.

Your investment in the Donna Divina Initiation is only 2.500 €. The costs for accommodation and meals are not included in the retreat fees.

All documents, rituals and processes, as well as the accompaniment of the integration at home are included.

Your Initiation

to Freedom, Abundance and Self-Realization

for you

rise from the flames

2.500 €

your investment

The Retreat Leaders

Ariane Schürmann & Ninya Cohen

Ariane lives in Italy and has made it her business for many years to ignite the light and fire of truth in every woman. Her deep desire is for this fire to spread so that every woman has access to a life in her true feminine, powerful essence.

As an experienced seminar and group leader, author and Journey presenter, Ariane now lives her mission for Donna Divina: To enable the transformation of women’s lives into a life of freedom and joy, a life we all deserve.

Ninya lives in Israel and is a powerful young woman, Journey practitioner, painter and trainer for children and adults on their way to freedom. For many years she has worked closely with her mother Ariane in the field of Mind-Body-Spirit.

Together they hold the energy for the retreat, based on a free mother-daughter relationship that lies outside of any conditioning, creating a very special “ambience” for all participating women.



FAQ - Frequent Asked Questions

Who's Donna Divina for?

The Donna Divina Retreat is suitable for all women from 14 to 144 who are on their way to finding their true essence. You don’t need any previous experience and no seminar or spiritual experience.

But I want to be very clear … if you are a seminar tourist, just want to spend a happy weekend … or you are looking for the miracle pill and don’t want to do anything yourself, then this retreat is not for you … please don’t participate because you wouldn’t experience any change in your life … and I only want to experience satisfied women after the retreat.

Will it also work for me?

Remember, Donna Divina is a program and we accompany you step by step on your way … it is not difficult and works for everyone! We have also calculated the presence of experienced female alchemists so that you will have every individual support you need … it will work for you!

I would like to come, but have no time

As women, we are collectively conditioned not to take enough time for ourselves, everyone else and everything else is more important than our own well-being. It is therefore an important first step to consciously take responsibility for our needs and create time for ourselves. If you don’t give yourself time for yourself, nobody will!

I want to come, but I don't have enough money

If you are called to participate in this retreat, money will certainly not be able to stop you. For women with money problems we also offer a special payment plan. Please contact us if you need help paying for the retreat, we are sure to find a solution!

Can I come with my mother or daughter?

Please come! Ariane and Ninya are a “free mother/daughter relationship” specialized in restoring the neglected relationship between mother and daughter. This important relationship is damaged and full of obstacles in almost every family; it is also the most important lifeline of a woman. Mother and daughter couples are especially welcome. Warning: please ensure that both mother and daughter come voluntarily and are ready to welcome deep change!

When and where does the retreat take place?

Your arrival is scheduled for Saturday 24th October in the afternoon. Registration is possible from 16:00 to 18:00. Plan enough time for your journey to arrive in peace before the retreat begins. We have ordered dinner at 18:00 and will start the retreat on time at 19:00.

The retreat will end on Friday 30th October in the morning between 11.00 and 12.00 pm. In this way you still have time for yourself, for a peaceful journey home and a quiet weekend before you return to your “everyday life”. We highly recommend this time of integration, the best thing is to take the following Monday, October 31st off!

  • Seminar Center MaRah – Moororterstrasse 24, 32369 Rahden/NRW – Germany                            Phone +49(0)5776/948 201

What about board and lodging?

The rooms in the seminar house are very individually arranged and vary in equipment and size, so that different needs can be covered. During the Donna Divina Initiation Retreat only single rooms can be booked so that each participant can enter deep into silence and spend pure time by herself.

  •  Single Comfort 91 € – Single with bath 87 € – Single Multi-bed 81 €

The price includes a rich, largely full vegetarian buffet three times a day; fresh fruit is available all day, as well as various types of organic teas and cereal coffee. Coffee is served for breakfast. The use of the sauna is also included in the price.

What is the best way to get there?

A detailed description of how to get there by car can be found on the Internet at this link.

To travel by train you will need a taxi from Rahden station. The journey time is about 15 minutes and the cost is 20 €. Here are two companies to choose from:   Taxi Henze +49(0)5771-2107 or Taxi Blanke +49(0)5771-5528

How can I pay the course fee?

You can pay by bank transfer. The necessary details will be sent to you by e-mail. If you wish, you can arrange a suitable instalment payment with us personally. Just write us an e-mail to The amount for board and lodging you pay to the seminar center MaRah on your arrival.

The Initiation Retreat

applied feminine alchemy

Freedom, Love, Female Awakening, Self-realization

24. - 30. October 2019 in Rahden

Your first step

to Freedom, Abundance and Self-Realization


Would you like to talk to us personally?


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