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Women Rising From The Flames

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Women rising from the Flames

The feminine path that lives in the pages of my book "Women rising from the Flames" makes you shine in your natural femininity - like never before. I congratulate you on your courage to ignite your inner light and to show it to all the world!

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Welcome to Donna Divina

... there is a feminine way!

The return of the Donna Divina is real, it happens in this second, in this moment. The divine woman within us is silent and incredibly powerful. The world has long waited for the feminine counterpart, now is the time to give this femininity and the potential within back to all human beings.

with love, Ariane
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Your Bonus for the book

Women rising from the Flames

Here you will find the bonus material for the book

On this page we have more gifts, created especially for you, so that you can relax and take the 7 steps to primordial femininity at your own pace and time. My suggestion for how to proceed with this bonus material is:

Bonus n°1

Audio Program "Donna Divina Rituals"

Download the Audio Program “Donna Divina Rituals” from here and follow the indications contained in each chapter of the book. Finding 10 minutes a day for yourself is really simple once SHE is calling you home. Find the time for yourself and I promise, the results will surprise you!

Audioprogramm zum Buch
audio 1 - chapter 4
finding HER inside
audio 2 - chapter 5
allowing your longing
audio 3 - chapter 6
wise woman's journal
audio 4 - chapter 7
preparation ritual
audio 5 - chapter 8
truth in your body
audio 6 - chapter 9
the truth about you
audio 7 - chapter 11
audio 8 - chapter 12
the jump into HER
audio 9 - chapter 13
clearing the entrance
audio 10 - chapter 14
friend of your shadow
audio 11 - chapter 15
this woman's body
audio 12 - chapter 16
truthful vulnerability
audio 13 - chapter 17
the magic mirror
audio 14 - chapter 18
the throne meditation
audio 15 - chapter 19
the celebration dance
audio 16 - chapter 20
design your life

Bonus n°2

The "Music List" of Donna Divina

Here you find a complete list of all songs from the book “Women rising from the Flames”. You can listen to it for free on internet or buy the songs here:

you can download them to your computer, tablet, phone or other device.

Bonus n°3

Your Talent List

This is a talent list for you, which includes abilities and competences.  Which ones are yours? What is simple and easy for you? What do you love to do, be, give, create? The question to ask yourself is not what am I capable of, but what do I love to do with joy and lightness.


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