Donna Divina

Female alchemy for everyday life

Female alchemy for everyday life

Everything you need is already here

To be free and enjoy life in a feminine way requires your strength, intuition and the willingness to transform yourself.

Weibliche Freiheit

2 Tages Retreat

Erlebe zwei Tage im Frauenkreis, ein ganz besonderes Retreat, gestaltet von Frauen, für Frauen und mit Frauen. Eine Erfahrung, die das „Frau-Sein“ an längst vergessene Plätzen zurückführt.

Dieses 2-Tages Retreat ist eine Einführung in angewandte weibliche Alchemie und öffnet die ersten drei Tore der Donna Divina Initiation. Die ersten drei Schritte sind die wichtigsten, und jede Frau auf dieser Erde muss durch sie hindurch, damit SIE wieder leuchten kann.

FAST AUSGEBUCHT  –  Ende März 2019 in Köln

Zeit mit Lakshmi

3 Tages Retreat

Dieses Donna Divina Fülle Retreat ist eine weibliche Geld Initiation. Erwecke die Lakshmi in Dir, verwandle jeglichen Mangel in ewige Fülle und erlebe eine neue SIE.

Zeit mit Lakshmi ist ein Live Retreat. Drei Tage, die Du Deiner Fülle und Erfüllung widmest. Du gehst in dieser Zeit durch einen Prozess, der Dich  aus Mangelbewusstsein in weibliche Fülle geleitet.

AUSGEBUCHT  –  Anfang Mai 2019 in Glarisegg, Schweiz

Donna Divina Initiation

Week Retreat

Are you ready to step into your higher energy and feminine power? Life is not a formula, but it means to arrive fully and completely to you and see who you really are. It means to be guided from within and to have the will to go through your own fears and transform them. It means becoming more and more the radiant Donna Divina that you truly are. It is time to focus on your truth and your inner wisdom!

October 2019 in Rahden/NRW, Germany

Essential female freedom

3 months program

Can you imagine that you experience fulfilment, love, freedom, gratitude, infinity, greatness and a total change of consciousness deep in your everyday life, not as a concept, but as an actual reality in your life?

How would it be if you could look behind your masks and the masks of all living beings and see through the unhealthy patterns that drive whole families, communities or even countries? Rediscover the female tools within you and transform blockages into freedom for yourself and the creatures around you. Experience the Enneagram in a female way. Magic of the highest vibration.

Start 1st December 2019 – Limited number of participants. The registration gates open on 1 June. Interested? Finde out more by attending an alchemy session with us!​

Authentic Man

Week retreat - only for men

The Authentic Man Retreat is the mirror of the Donna Divina Retreat, in a masculine way. It was born from the desire and inspiration of the Donna Divinas to give men the same powerful initiation process in their lives and to find their way home.

Discover the authentic man in you and overcome the obstacles and blockages that have kept you from living a truly fulfilled life. Become the attractive, successful and self-confident man you always wanted to be and who is already slumbering inside you. This powerful retreat will improve your life as a man, in your family, in your relationship and at work

September 2019 in Tuscany

Female Leadership Camp

Week Retreat

Female leadership is crucial for the survival of our planet, but most of the time we don’t even know what it is and how it works. In this camp we will explore, meet and anchor natural female leadership with a powerful, noble, pure and proud creature at our side who will accompany us through this deep adventure – the horse.

ONLY ONE FREE PLACE  –  September 2019 in Tuscany

Working with Women

9 months training program

Would you like to live, experience and pass on Donna Divina Masterhood in everyday life and realize true female leadership in order to carry it into the world?

The goal of the training is to become a certified Donna Divina Alchemist. So you are excellently equipped to work as a freelance seminar leader, coach, consultant, mentor, female leader, trainer in your own business, women’s circle leader or initiator, boss or divine ingenious mother and to do so with great joy.

FULLY BOOKED – Next certification program in March 2021 Interested? Learn more by getting to know us in an alchemy session!

My mission

The impossible becomes possible

All solutions are already here, all power, all possibilities are IN YOU! Everything you seek is within you. Unfortunately many women are separated from this simple and natural truth. The liberation of the full female potential is the mission of Donna Divina International.

This is what I was born for and maybe you were born for. I have accompanied over 1000 women in recent years to bring their lives into a completely new form and shine in this very natural way that deeply nourishes and fulfills women.

Through my unique gift of intuition and clairvoyance, I quickly recognize the exact inner obstacles that have kept women small, dissatisfied, and trapped because I see energies. I manage to bring women into their truth and radiant clarity in a gentle and powerful way and to dissolve the long carried energetic blockades.

In recent years I have brought the Donna Divina Initiation into the world, a space created by women, for women and with women, which gives a long awaited foundation. It is in this sheltered space that every woman can thrive and immerse herself in her true wisdom and vocation.

Women want to work with us because we are not simply women mentors and seminar leaders among many, but true pioneers of applied female alchemy, capable of recognizing ancient inner lead and transforming it into true gold.

Invite the Donna Divina that you are into your life this year. You don’t have to create this deep birth of yourself alone.

In love, Ariane