Donna Divina

Essential Female Freedom

Welcome to the Donna Divina Universe

the Female Way to Freedom and Abundance

I dedicate my life to the liberation of the female power and female soul, so that every woman can enjoy the flow of life in harmony with herself, healthy, happy and radiant with joy.

Ariane Schürmann

The Initiation

Remembering and experiencing who you truly are,  connecting forever with your primal femininity, ending the search and  discovering Her instead.

The Book

It’s the foundation to Her complete magic. Transformative wisdom that will create a life filled with emotional freedom and feminine alchemy.

Ausbildung zur Donna Divina

The Training

The Leadership Academy is an intensive program for conscious women with a strong inner calling to find and realize their life’s mission and vision.

“In the deepest and most veiled place of every woman there is amazing, breathtaking beauty, eagerly waiting to find expression.“

Ariane Schürmann
Drachen Quiz

Your first step

to Freedom, Abundance and Self-Realization

If you wish for more feminine freedom, abundance and self-realization, then take the first step now.

Find out what exactly is keeping you from being the lucky woman that you really are. The first gateway to primal femininity is the truth, for truth liberates. Our Dragon Quiz is designed to bring you crystalline clarity about what stands between you and freedom.

Which dragon do YOU have to tame to live in your feminine power?

Find out right away by taking the Dragon Quiz and immediately receive the alchemistic fire to melt the seals at the 7 gates to primal femininity and transform your “missing something” into pure pleasurable abundance.


Donna Divna

Drachen Quiz

Finde heraus, welcher Ego-Drachen Dir etwas vorgaukelt und Dich von Deiner Freiheit trennt