Donna Divina

Essential Female Freedom

The Dragon Quiz

Which Dragon do you need to tame to access your full Feminine Power?

Welcome to the Donna Divina Universe

the Female way to Freedom and Abundance

I dedicate my life to the liberation of the female power and female soul, so that every woman can enjoy the flow of life in harmony with herself, healthy, happy and joyful.

Ariane Schurmann

The Initiation

Remembering and experiencing who you truly are, forever connecting yourself with your primal femininity, ending all the searching and  discovering HER instead.

The Book

It’s the foundation to HER complete magic. Transformative wisdom that will create a life filled with emotional freedom and feminine alchemy.


The Working with Women training is designed for a group of dedicated Donna Divinas and is led personally by Ariane right up to Certification.

“In the deepest and most veiled place of every woman there is amazing, breathtaking beauty, eagerly waiting to find expression.“

Ariane Schurmann

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