Donna Divina

The Book - The Foundation - All Her Magic

Women rising from the flames

The Donna Divina Initiation – 7 Gates to your Divine Feminine Power

A book - the foundation - HER whole magic. It's transforming wisdom for creating a life filled with authentic awakening, emotional freedom and female alchemy.

There is a feminine way!

to Freedom, Abundance and Self-Realization

Women today are unhappy and unsatisfied with their life, the relationships they are living in, their careers, the finances, health and they are completely disconnected from their femininity. 

For millennia the feminine power has been confined, suppressed, abused, raped and invalidated. In a male dominated world female values such as intuition, love, understanding, compassion, softness – were rejected and suppressed.

But times are changing – today we have access to the time, tools and freedom we need to rise as authentic Divine Women on Earth.

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